Real Men Are Head Sluts ~ better male sexual behaviour starts now| models the future

Growing up i learned about sexuality and saw how people were viewed or cast among various groups because of orientation, preference, or reputation. So yeah, girls are pressured into sexual activity and then shamed for it while boys only acquire more status as they find their way. Of course it is more complex than this… Continue reading Real Men Are Head Sluts ~ better male sexual behaviour starts now| models the future


Dialing in the Groove ~ pt2}¤{strayed but stayed

While working on the playlist started in the inaugural post of this series i found myself wanting something more tightly aligned than the full shuffle playlist but still shuffle-able. straying from the exercise at hand i ended up making a playlist that is really enjoyable and multi-useful. i still have plans for distilling this… Continue reading Dialing in the Groove ~ pt2}¤{strayed but stayed

4gods/3accessories~ a prosperity enchantment

for Tyler. Yesterday i cast a spell for to invite prosperity to my tribe. A fairly simple enchantment to work, '4gods/3accessories' pools energy to model desired futures. Beginnings, transitions, and endings Expectations made/modified/satisfied The newly-formed and the ashen A circle perfect/broken/squared i brought some basic materials and my family helped to do the work (albeit… Continue reading 4gods/3accessories~ a prosperity enchantment

Like playing ‘light as a feather/stiff as a board’ on the edge of a waterfall

all in all it was obvious that yes we made the footballs move the farthest with only sometimes they are firefighters maybe a million mad gladiator robot but they end up being just like the rest drawings of possible fonts where the letters inter twine with ancient greek statues but that got uploaded at a… Continue reading Like playing ‘light as a feather/stiff as a board’ on the edge of a waterfall

Getting to the Bottom of Female Ejaculation

Excellent read on a subject that should be much more commonplace.

Arouse Magazine

One of the natural phenomena that is mostly shrouded in mystery is the female sexual body as well as the female ejaculation. This is “characterized as an expulsion of fluid from or near the vagina during or before an orgasm” also referred to as “squirting” and there are a lot of misconceptions, according to the Independent, since research started in the 4th Century in ancient China. The article states that “the liquids excreted during orgasm were believed to be imbued with mystical and healthful properties.” There has been research to further our understanding of the female orgasm, but in some magical circles this might still be the case.

abstract, blur, bubble

While the whole pornographic theme of female ejaculation is banned in the UK, research has been on a light stand still. This ban is due to “claiming that the expert medical advice it received was that there is no such thing as…

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Dial in the Groove ~ a simple process i use to compile playlists [pt.1]

i used to make so many mixtapes. i should make more mixtapes these days but i don't. Compiling and arranging sounds, whether to some end or just for your own pleasure engages a number of skills, requires some degree of focus on the project at hand and can be a very satisfying activity. I'm not… Continue reading Dial in the Groove ~ a simple process i use to compile playlists [pt.1]

Losing my dirty aura light in the morning

It's only every little bit of anything that my aura skud past I see looking through the back of my head integral pieces glowing connected in context only visible in the past the dirty rubbed off aura stuff left on the edge of the coffee table and highlights the only reason the first thing matters… Continue reading Losing my dirty aura light in the morning